Common Questions

What's the value of having a Bookkeeper manage your financials?

It can save you an average of 120 hours a year, turning that time into sales

You can have confidence that the books are correct, increase sales by an average of $24,000 a year because you can now earn more money with the time you were spending on the books, and reach your goals quicker. 

A bookkeeper can help take bookkeeping off your plate! Using Quickbooks alone saves businesses an average of $3,500 a year.

What's a CFO responsible for?

A CFO is responsible for financial planning and budgeting, interpreting financial data and trends for management use, looking at the story behind the numbers, not just the numbers, managing lender/Banking relationships, managing effectiveness, the efficiency of operations, and understanding financial risks. 

While the primary function is to look ahead, the CFO must also be able to understand past financial performance in order to accurately predict the organization's financial future.

A CFO can help you setup your business as an LLC allowing you to protect your personal assets and also determine when is the appropriate time to upgrade your LLC to an S Corporation and save an average of $12,000 per partner in payroll taxes.